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Here is Why.

Companies rush design of their product without fully understanding the needs of the particular industry it is developed for. All too often the result is a generic product that lacks features, flexibility, and has flaws in its functionality.
Some may bait you with a low startup fee just to find that what you need is part of another, more expensive feature package. Others will charge you for support or each minor feature request. We are tired of rigid, complicated, slow, dysfunctional, and impractical software.

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We developed a better way.

Done Right

The EZnet scheduler was built from the bottom up. It was tested and its use monitored in various industries. We took our time to bring this product to the market because we wanted it right. We have researched and incorporated only the best features from each scheduler product we tested and incorporated it in to our scheduler.

Built for You

Our Scheduler was designed to have all the features you may need at a low plan rate. We don’t nickel and dime you for added features. Our customer pipeline and feedback from our customers has spearheaded our design improvements over the past four years.

No Contract

No Contract, so you can cancel at anytime. Our 15-day Free trial, is completely commitment Free. No credit card or contract required.

Best Price

Our scheduling product is lowest in cost and the best value in the industry. We Offer various packages to suit your exact needs.

Unique Features

Our programmers have built value and features not available any place else. No competitor has voice reminder appointment confirmations. We incorporate the latest secure cloud technology.

5 Star Customer Service

Our customer service is impeccable, just ask our customers. We are here to help every step of the way.

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The Most Flexible Appointment Scheduler available.

This is Not a Generic Calendar. Experience the benefits of a Fully Customizable Appointment Scheduler

With our unique features like User Defined Fields, Custom Attachments, Appointment Notes, Color Coding, Status Updates and Three Level Scheduling, you can completely customize your scheduling portal to your needs. Through our service you are obtaining access to one the most powerful Online Scheduling programs.

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