NEW Updates and Features

This new release is packed full of features not found with any other appointment scheduler programs

Whats new:
Interactive Email Confirmations

All your client has to do is reply "Confirm" to the automatic email confirmation message. Your scheduler will automatically reflect the appointment status change to Confirmed on your calendar.

New redesigned External Calendar page with mobile improvements

Brand new, mobile friendly design. Same great features and more, location, client log in, appointment history and more.

Company clients are shareable between your company locations

Operate multiple locations? You can now share client profiles between your locations and set specific location access restrictions.

New appointment tool tip customization options

You can now restrict particular tool tip (that comes up when you mouse over an appointment) information for different levels of access users. You can now also hide statuses on the calendar.

Calendar time slot intervals are now customizable to the minute

Don't be limited by the preset time intervals. Customize your calendar to the minute, its all in your power.

Add custom buttons to the menu on your calendar

You can now add custom menu items. Add a button to your main navigation above your calendar. For example a button that will take your users to an ofter used resource. Have all your tools in one place, stay productive.

Coverage Zones Location picker by zip code

Your client can now search the closest location to them by zip code to schedule their appointment.

Status change can now require mandatory attention and notes

Require your employees to write a note when they make a status change. This can be a progress report, reason for change or else.

Calendar widget improvements and added notifications 

The calendar widget has had some major upgrades, from style to responsiveness and new notification features. All improved and that much better.

Search UDF's

User defined fields are now search-able in your database. Pull up your clients account by searching any of your custom fields.

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