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Regardless of your Industry,

Whether you have a Medical Practice, a Service or Transportation company, our scheduler has been designed to be the most powerful scheduler with Unsurpassed Value!

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  What this powerful system looks like:
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Appointment Scheduling Software Appointment Scheduling Software Appointment Scheduling Software Appointment Scheduling Software

Here is what our scheduler can do for you!

It is easy to setup your scheduler

With our many industry templates we make setting up your schedule a breeze and we will even help you import your data into our scheduler so you don’t have to start from scratch.

We made our scheduler fully customizable for your company needs

Not all schedulers are created equal. Our scheduler is adaptable to most businesses and if you require something special, just ask us.

Medical professionals, we have you covered

If you are a medical professional, we mirror your HIPPA compliancy. Please click here to read our HIPPA Policy Statement.

We help you reduce no shows and more

With our EZnet Notify portal, not only will your customers be reminded of pending appointments, but you can automatically send out voice customer appointment feedback requests. You can also market and promote your product or services to customers by voice, email or text messaging.

Immediate confirmation feedback

We provide instant live calendar confirmation feedback appearing on your calendar status icon. You will know immediately when a client cancels or changes the status of an appointment. Both voice reminders and live confirmations are exclusive to the EZnet Scheduler.

We have designed built in CRM functionality

Not only can you record the status of your appointment for future reference, you can create reports, search for customer data by any field, send out email or voice broadcast messages to your clients.

Two ways to use our Program

Use our scheduler as a standalone office scheduler or allow customers to schedule their own appointments online from your website with our EZbookit button, or from a page we provide to you.

    Included in our every Package:

  • Unlimited tasks

  • Custom reporting

  • Smart phone access

  • Multiple locations

  • Extended export features

  • Secure data transmission

  • Appointment status indicators

  • Hours of operation per location

  • Appointment notes

  • Unlimited appointments

  • Separate client logins

  • Recurring appointments

  • 24/7 online scheduling

  • Automatic notifications

  • Color coded appointments

  • Drag and drop appointments

  • Unlimited one way text notifications

  • Multiple appointments per time slot

  • Multiple staff schedules view

  • Rooms/stations personal schedules

  • View canceled and blocked out times

  • Voice, email and text message notifications

  • Separate staff logins, and access levels

  • 3 level scheduling (Task, Station, Resource)

* Click on each feature to expand for more details.

Fully adaptable to all business applications

A customized appointment scheduler will be created specifically for your business needs. With our easy-to-use templates, you will see how quick it is to start scheduling appointments. Your Company logo can be uploaded to your personal scheduler to add your personal touch.

Stay organized

This easy-to-use appointment scheduling program will help to organize your scheduling process, reduce your work load, track your appointment activities, market to your customers, eliminate or reduce no-shows, and much more. You can now retire your old appointment book and experience the benefits of an online appointment scheduling program. The EZnet scheduling program will allow you access from your computer, iPad, smart phone or other portable devices. You can view your scheduler from anywhere in the world at any time. The color-coded tasks make it easy for you to see your daily activity at a glance.

Ease of use - a simple way to schedule your activities

The appointment scheduler can be easily used by office personnel not experienced with your business. If you have ever worked with Outlook or Outlook express, then you will know how to operate your EZnet Scheduler®. Appointments can be easily dragged from one appointment time or day to another. The calendar has a convenient view of two months at a time. Just click to change your calendar view. The calendar view will then adjust to the screen size of your monitor, and allow you to view 8 hours or 24 hours of activity at a time.

EZ setup process

You can be set up within minutes with our many industry specific templates and our easy-to-use setup wizard. Once you pick your industry, you can easily modify each task, or assign employee names and resources. Just modify your office hours and closed days and you are ready to go.

Multiple offices and multiple staff, no problem

The EZnet appointment scheduling program allows for multiple staff members from within your office or even from multiple branch offices worldwide, to schedule and view appointments. You can now effectively manage your time, resources, and collaboration with co-workers. EZnet Scheduler® helps prevent overbooking and the scheduler also allows you to view appointments from home, office, or while out of town.

Since there are no costly software or hardware purchases required, you are guaranteed to save your company money. For a small monthly investment, you can now utilize the most effective and efficient online appointment scheduling program on the market today. You will also benefit from free software and product upgrades.

Reduce or eliminate cancellations and no-shows with EZnet Scheduler's reminder system

Appointment cancellations are costly. With our robust reminder system, your clients will receive a notification prior to their appointment time. You decide when and how often a reminder is sent. In addition, depending on the notification format, your client can then confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment.

Three Ways To Communicate With Your Clients

Your personal EZnet Scheduler® will allow your clients three ways to be reminded of their appointments. They can choose between email, text messaging, or voice messaging. This will allow you and your staff to spend less time on the phone with follow-up and reminder calls and be more productive with other duties. EZnet Scheduler® is the only online appointment scheduling program that permits voice reminders. This comes in handy for clients who are on the go, elderly, or those without internet access.

Expandable user defined fields

The EZnet Scheduler® provides you with 5 user defined fields expandable to 25 for special requirements. These fields allow you to sort, search, and print reports by various criteria. Most competitive online appointment scheduling programs do not provide this flexibility.

Integration with Outlook

Your personal EZnet Scheduler® can export your calendar to Outlook or another ICS adaptable program. This allows you to easily view both calendars on your desktop.

Live operator Remote Receptionist Service integration, available when you can't be

Your EZ Advantage account will allow us to be your remote receptionist and schedule your appointments when you can't. All appointments will show up in real time on your local scheduler. Your scheduled activity will reflect that the appointment was scheduled by one of our receptionists. We can do this during lunch, breaks, after hours or when you are traveling. We are here when you need us.

Website integration

Your clients can click a button on your own website and schedule an appointment with you directly. They will be presented with available times and can pick their requested activity. You will automatically receive an email letting you know of the scheduled booking.

Email marketing

We provide you with an easy way to communicate with your clients with an email export function, which would allow you to use a choice of email communication services. This service enables you to market your services to your clients, provide birthday greetings, announcements, and much more.

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