Simplify scheduling and focus on your mission

Our nonprofit scheduling software automates appointment setting so you can do more of what matters

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The simple solution to growing your non-profit organization

Replacing phone calls with 24/7 appointment self-scheduling means more time on frontline delivery, fundraising or carrying out essential operations.

We help your non-profit
organization reduce expenses

Cut labor costs

by reducing appointment scheduling time

Boost staff productivity

by eliminating repetitive tasks

Schedule multiple locations

from one central non-profit scheduling software

Capture appointment data

for quick client reference

Scale your non-profit organization

with resource management tools that optimize productivity

Communicate better
with customers

via automated text, email and voice messages

We help your non-profit
organization increase donations

Enable donation via credit card

before an appointment is scheduled (optional)

Meet consumer demand

for appointment self-scheduling

Retain donors

through satisfaction surveys, and more

Reduce no shows

and cancellations = increased donations

Increase repeat donations

by scheduling recurring appointments

Book multiple activities

in a single appointment booking

And much, much more!

Our Features – Your Non-Profit Organization

Achieve the results you're looking for.

bar_chart Schedule unlimited appointments on 4 levels: resources, services, staff and donor, beneficiary or volunteer appointment time

alarm_on Two schedulers for the price of one: can be accessed by donors, beneficiaries, volunteers or your staff from your website or our URL

edit_attributes Send automatic appointment reminders, notifications and messages to keep donors, beneficiaries and volunteers engaged with you

trending_down Voice reminders reach elderly donors, beneficiaries and volunteers and those without internet access

dynamic_feed Powerful status change allows for multi-level automated donor, beneficiary, volunteer and staff notifications

emoji_people Built-in donor and beneficiary management system enables digital donor and beneficiary records with each individual’s information, images and appointment history at a glance

Visit our Features page to view our full list of features

And have we mentioned
FREE text message appointment reminders?

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Yes, FREE unlimited text messages come standard with all EZnet Scheduler Non-Profit Edition plans. Reach out to donors, beneficiaries and volunteers via custom text messages to remind them of upcoming appointments. No need to spend countless hours sending out emails and making phone calls. Our automated non-profit appointment scheduling software does the work for you.

Schedule unlimited appointments


Yes, unlimited appointments come standard with all EZnet Scheduler Non-Profit Edition plans. We don't impose limits because we’re on a mission to help your salon/spa business grow. That’s why our non-profit appointment scheduler gives you the freedom to schedule as many appointments as needed, with no limitations.

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Non-Profit scheduling software
at your fingertips

Everywhere you go, you can take EZnet Scheduler with you.

Change in plans? On the run? Out of the country? No problem! EZnet non-profit scheduling software gives you and your clients, donors, beneficiaries and volunteers the freedom to access your scheduler on any device, at any time, in any place, to schedule, confirm or change appointments—all from the palm of your hand.

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Experience our non-profit scheduling software your way!

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EZnet Scheduler integrations

Integrate EZnet Scheduler with your website, social media, sales CRM, Wordpress, Google, Shopify and a growing list of the world's most popular apps, and watch your productivity soar! Here are a few of our favorite integrations to get you started.

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EZnet Scheduler is here for you

Customer service from real, live humans, not bots. That’s our promise to you.

Although our customers don’t often experience issues with our non-profit scheduling software, we’re still here for you—to answer your questions, solve issues when they arise and support your charitable goals. Just give us a call, email us or click/tap the button below to initiate a chat (with a real person, not a bot).