• Online appointment scheduler
    Online appointment scheduler

    Most out-of-box schedulers claim they can do it all.
    But as soon as you begin to use it, you find out that's hardly true!
    Our scheduler and database management tool,
    is so much more than an out-of-box solution.
    It's fully customizable to allow your company to
    do business the way you do business, without sacrifice.
  • Online appointment scheduler
    Online appointment scheduler
    Some schedulers,
    charge you for support,
    and limit your appointments.

    Not Ours!
    We provide UNLIMITED appointments,
    FREE five star Live support.
  • Online appointment scheduler
    Online appointment scheduler
    Live your Life to the fullest!
    Access your business on the go.
    Mobile friendly, website compatible,
    lets your customers and staff schedule Online 24/7.
  • Online appointment scheduler
    We Bring you Awesomeness
    • We are a Lean, Mean Scheduling Machine! •
    Custom Features
    Separate Client Logins
    Multiple Locations
    Unlimited Tasks
    We will help you:
    Reduce No-Shows
    Enhance customer retention
    Reduce operational costs
    Save time and money
    Increase your Revenue

Help us direct you, what is your industry?

Fully Adaptable Software For Your Busines

Robust Reports

Credit Card Payments

Reduce No-show Appointments "guaranteed"

Increase Revenues, Reduce Costs Of Labor

Voice, Text And Email Reminders Will Reduce No Shows

Send Clients Satisfaction Surveys

Turn Your Scheduling Routine From Sufficient To Efficient!

Trusted by 1,000's of companies around the world, and counting.

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What our scheduler can do for your business

Reduce No Shows

Tired of no show appointments? Our unique notification features will help you reach all of your clients to remind them, confirm or reschedule their upcoming appointment.

Save You Time

We save you time in so many ways, from letting your clients schedule on their own online to calling your client to confirm the appointments, we got you covered.

Reduce Labor Costs

By taking your scheduling routine from sufficient to efficient we reduce your labor costs and your staff can actually spend time on other things that really matter.

Save You Money

With our easy to use scheduler you will never miss an appointment again, eliminate double booking, track your resources and reduce no-shows appointments.

Covers All Industries

Our scheduler is fully adaptable to any industry. Our unique features allow you to configure the software to custom fit your business model. To make the setup easy, we have a variety of pre-designed, customizable templates.

Phone Call Reminders

Our system can call your clients with an automated voice message to Remind, Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule the appointment. Best part; the appointment status will automatically reflect a change on your calendar.

Clients schedule online 24/7

Let your client schedule appointments online 24/7. After hours, during vacation and on holidays, we will be your help desk. Never miss an appointment again.

Status Updates and more

From interactive voice message menus, to custom statuses and more, we do our best to keep you current with your appointment calendar and be on top of your game.

The Most Feature Full Scheduler On The Market Today!

Scheduler Screenshot
Allow your clients to schedule appointments online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have many useful features that can limit online scheduling access to particular services or staff, as well as user login, history, buffer times and so much more.
A customized appointment scheduler will be created specifically for your business needs. Your logo, your colors and your fields.
Capture your client on an impulse with a quick and easy way to schedule. Let them immediately schedule their appointment and store their information before they move on looking for service elsewhere.
Separate account logins for your staff, enable advance security and access levels. Clients can now see upcoming appointment and history.
No costly software or hardware required and you are guaranteed to save your company money in direct labor costs.
With the help of our on-line appointment scheduling page you can promote your services. Send out notifications to your clients to inform them about an upcoming event, sale or a new product.
Our scheduling program is so easy to use, with our drag and drop features and more. We make it easy for you to grow your business.
We provide three ways to reach your client via Text Message, Email or Voice Reminder. It is guaranteed to reach your client and reduce your no-show appointments up to 35%.
Tired of your clients not getting your email reminders on time? Reach them by phone with an instant, interactive message at any time, and wherever they are.
Don't let your scheduler limit your progress. We offer Unlimited Tasks, Unlimited Appointments and did we mention FREE text messages?
Extensive reporting functionalities. Filter, group and export your data for convenient use and assess.
Need to establish staff communication? You can now ad notes on appointments, attach files and so much more.

Unlimited and Free. Yes Free. All you need is a quirky message a phone number and their provider. Send out reminders, marketing and sale notifications, anything you'd like.
Schedule overlapping times, multiple appointments per time slot and group appointments. We are flexible to all your needs.
We want to see your business grow, no limits. Thats why we give you unlimited appointments with all our plans as well as unlimited tasks and Free text notifications.
For your convenience or your pure entertainment we offer color coded appointments and calendar columns.

Drag and drop appointments, scale the length of the appointment, create recurring appointments, color code your scheduler and many other convenience features.
Block out times for special occasions, days off, sick days and any special event.
Let your customer leave reviews on your scheduling page. There is no better way to trust in potential customers other then a positive comment from a satisfied customer.
Process payments through your scheduler. Secure, safe and reliable credit card processing for your business.

You live your life on the go? So do we, and we are easy to reach. From any device at any time your scheduler is at the tips of your fingers.
You can schedule for multiple offices on a single scheduler. Appointments can be assigned to multiple staff members.

Name your own fields! These fields allow you to sort, search, and print reports by various criteria. Most competitive appointment scheduling programs do not even offer this flexibility.
Save and manage your customer information for an easy, all-in-one-place assess. Run reports, view customer history and more.
We provide a flexible export option, which allows data integration with practically any program or device.
Setting up your scheduler is as easy as One, Two, Three with our Set-up Wizard. Pick your industry and you are ready to take appointments

Don’t see a feature or function you need, let us know. Chances are we are already working on it! Our development team will be glad to tailor your schedule to your specific needs.
Multiple staff members working on the same project? Your staff members can leave notes on the appointments as well as receive notifications when a particular part of the project is complete and/or they need to take over the next task.

We utilize top notch security systems to protect your data. Your data is backed up and handled with care using a SSL Encryption System.

Schedule your appointments with three levels of attachments. We call them Tasks, Stations and Resources, but you can call them anything you would like, i.e. Lessons, Class Rooms, Teachers.

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Our beauty is in our adaptability
100% Customizable

Our scheduler was built through years of experience working with a multitude of business models and industries. There are a million ways to customize, utilize, mix and match all the features this powerful system can offer.

Click Here to Explore All Industries

Life Coaches
Business Counseling
Career Counseling

Chiropractic Services
Chiropractic Offices

Cosmetic Services
Dental Services
Physical Therapists

Math Tutors
Science Tutors
Sports Coaches
Language Tutors
Test Prep Tutors
Computer Tutors
Fitness Trainers
Arts Teachers

Animal/Pet Services
Animal Hospitals
Grooming Salon
Pet Training
Boarding Facility
Mobile Grooming

Salons & Stylists
Hair Salons
Nail Salons
Cosmetic Services
Tattoo Salon
Beauty Salon
Stylist Services

Service Companies
A/C Repair
Automotive Repair
Plumbing Companies
Cleaning Services
Window Cleaning
Hospitality Services
Mobile Car Detailing

Property Management
Leasing Offices
Property Managers
Maintenance Services

Financial Services
Tax Services
Investment Specialists

Real Estate
Realty Companies
Commercial Leasing Offices
Real Estate Specialists

Employee Staffing
Staffing Agency

Massage Therapists
Therapeutic Massage
Sports Massage
Independent Practitioners
Holistic Massage

Day Spas
Saunas and Hot Tubs
Medical Spas

Other templates are available as well.

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And have we mentioned,
FREE text message reminders?

Yes, FREE Unlimited text messages. Reach out to your clients via text and remind them of the upcoming appointment with a custom message. No need to spend countless hours at your desk sending out emails and making phone calls. Our system has you covered.

Free Text Messaging

Unlimited Appointments
With All of Our Plans

Limiting Appointments? Thats just silly. We want to see your business grow and expand. And this is why we give you the freedom to schedule away with no limitations.

Responcive Design

Phone Call Notification
With Interactive Options

Our system can call your client with an automated message to remind them and confirm their appointment. Best part is; they can select to confirm from the interactive menu and your scheduler will automatically reflect the confirmation. We love saving you time on those appointment confirmation calls.

Mobile Friendly

3 Appointment
Attachment Levels

Our powerful software is 100% flexible and adjustable to your needs. We are the most feature packed scheduler on the market and keep expanding! Reduce your no-shows, increase your revenues, prevent double booking, reduce the costs of your scheduling activities, and market your services to your clients.

Three level scheduling

Did you know that we do custom programming?

Have special features or requests? We can help. We offer design and development services.

Visit Our Design & Development Site

Flexible Notifications
customizable templates

Reach your client with Email, Text and Phone call notifications and reminders. Receive or send a notification to your employee when an appointment was scheduled for them, or for a particular service. Our notifications can be triggered on a variety of actions and have fully customizable messages for your Client vs Company Use and Email vs Text message reminders and notifications.

Appointment Notifications

Live Status Changes
& Custom Statuses

Our powerful software is 100% flexible and adjustable to your needs. We are the most feature packed scheduler on the market and keep expanding! Reduce your no-shows, increase your revenues, prevent double booking, reduce the costs of your scheduling activities, and market your services to your clients.

Appointment Status Features

Try us out for free for 15 days! No commitment or contract required.

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User Access Restrictions
customizable user roles

Have Multiple Users? No problem. Need them to see only their own schedule? No problem. Want them to have only particular capabilities within the scheduler. We got it! We have multiple account roles from Read Only to Admin and everything in between.

EZnet Scheduler Features

Mobile Friendly Design
Manage Your Business On The Go

Access your scheduler on any mobile device, anywhere you are. Now you can turn your website traffic into paying customers and relieve the traffic or your busy reception desk at the same time.

Mobile friendly scheduler

Take all the needed information
With Custom Form Fields

Create custom fields to take all the needed appointment information. Don't settle for generic forms, make your appointment information count. Remember all the little details about your customers, for that personalized customer care touch.

Custom feild features

Single User

billed annually

+ 50 Voice Units FREE


$34.95 monthly

No FREE Voice Units


billed annually

+ 100 Voice Units FREE


$49.95 monthly

No FREE Voice Units


billed annually

+ 100 Voice Units FREE


$59.95 monthly

No FREE Voice Units

Power User

billed annually

+ 100 Voice Units FREE


$69.95 monthly

No FREE Voice Units

Looking For An Enterprise Size account?

Try us out for free for 15 days! No commitment or contract required.

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Add a Phone Call Reminder Package to your Plan:

EZnet Scheduler Voice Reminders Price

Did you know that our Voice Reminders have Status Updates?

Confirmed, Canceled, or Rescheduled will automatically reflect on your Scheduler.


200 users or more? Take advantage of our Enterprise perks.
Starting at:


billed annually

become an annual subscriber and get
200 FREE Phone call notification Units


$135 monthly
with no FREE voice units

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EZnet Scheduler

We are so much more than a simple calendar

Did you Spend a Small Fortune building your website and now its collecting Dust? Turn your site into a revenue portal. Allow your clients to Schedule online 24/7 using the EZ BookIT Button.

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You will love EZnet Scheduler:

“We tried five other Scheduling Programs, EZnet Scheduler has by far the most flexible features.”

– Richard Bell, Tutoring Services

“Great customer support! Five stars.”

– Rebecca Martinez, Hair Salon

“What a time saver! We love the EZBookIt Button and so do our clients.”

– Jonathan Hill, Chiropractor

“EZnet Scheduler is so easy to use, and has the best features!”

– Linda Teller, Tutor

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Reseller Program

Two ways to make money as a reseller:

Option 1:

  • Earn 20% on each scheduler that signs up through your website
  • Priority agent support is available
  • You bill your customers monthly or annually and we send you one bill for all your customers
  • Additional volume discounts are available.

Option 2:

  • Refer your customer to us and receive a one-time commission equal to the first months billing ie. $39.95 = $39.95 commission *
  • We handle billing and provide customer service
  • * Payable after receipt of the 3rd months payment

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